Project Management

Liberate Your Team with Clearer Processes

In recent times, process has become the villain. Agile or not, teams rally around a goal of keeping process to…

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An Interview with Dave Gordon on His Book, The Data Conversion Cycle

Businesses approach data conversion projects with apprehension, and perhaps rightfully so. But the Practicing IT Project Manager, Dave Gordon, has…

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How Change Management Fits into Projects

Project management and change management are two different dimensions, but they coexist and are always intersecting. In fact, many people…

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5 Reasons for Making Change Management a Top Project Priority

Nobody gets into programming because they enjoy the tension of waiting for errors to emerge during compile. Likewise, nobody gets…

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How Do Project Management and Change Management Compare?

Project management and change management often overlap when a project is underway. They both work intimately with the people, processes,…

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IT Governance in Digital Era: A Need for Conformist

Governance is one of the most coveted terms in the IT industry. That is why many family-owned companies are practicing…

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7 Traits CIOs Should Seek in Project Managers

What is the difference between “great” and “good enough” in project management? Great project managers empower teams and move organizational…

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How New Managers Can Send the Right Leadership Signals

It’s finally happened: You’ve made the jump from worker bee into a management position. Now you have to prove you…

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5 Best Practices to Enable Remote Workers

If no one gives it much thought, it can be easy to make a remote worker feel like a space…

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Customizing Own Collaboration Tools Brings Success to IT Teams

IT teams need to have good collaboration tools for faster communication and risk management. Though you must look after budgets…

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