Problem Management

Improving Resilience Through Enterprise Risk Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused global disruption while testing every organization’s financial and operational resilience. With the pandemic as the…

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The Perils of the Glass Cliff in Corporate Governance

Is the current global crisis blocking gender equality? Female leaders have made a significant contribution to restoring businesses and recovering…

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How to Use Employee Turnover as a Company Health Check

Employee turnover is a difficult metric to analyze properly. It is a common misconception that employee turnover should be minimized…

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Why You Must Focus More on Business Continuity Plans

Business continuity plans are a dire necessity today because of the rapidly changing market and global economic conditions. As a…

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How Companies Can Combat IT Service Desk Burnout

IT service desk stress is a growing issue for companies across the globe. 54% of IT and BPO employees are…

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3 Customer Service Trends IT Support Must Follow Closely

The scope of IT support and ITSM are changing because of the shifting needs of the consumers, technologies, and employee…

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Are Your Employees Contacting IT Service Desk Often?

The most important performance measurement for an IT service desk is customer satisfaction and that includes your employees as well.…

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How to Achieve Business Excellence

Companies must focus on inculcating new methodologies to manage and improve their business without compromising on the purpose for which…

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3 Reasons to Use ITSM for GDPR Processes

IT leaders are aware of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective from 25 May 2018. You must know by now…

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5 Tips for Getting Started with ITIL

It would probably require a magic lamp and maybe a monkey’s paw in order to implement every single aspect of…

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