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The EU Takes Sustainability Reporting To the Next Level

Recently, European Commission (EC) published a proposal for a directive on sustainability reporting.  The proposal is aimed at overhauling the…

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How to Identify Your Work in Progress in ITSM

Work in progress (WIP) is kind of like the “promise of value.” Eventually, that work will amount to something—but not…

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How Internal IT Support Lags behind External Customer Support

It’s no secret that most companies don’t have IT support that’s at the same level as their customer support. But…

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IT Governance in Digital Era: A Need for Conformist

Governance is one of the most coveted terms in the IT industry. That is why many family-owned companies are practicing…

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4 Ps to Reconsider in ITSM Service Design

With the advent of technology development, the fast-changing service management helps IT service management (ITSM) firms run swiftly. All technology…

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Dealing with ITSM? Design Your Threat Model Well

One of the services that ITSM provides the customers is security. With the boom of cybercriminals, there is no dearth…

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7 Ways to Turn IT into a Potential Business

Every venture needs a strong and reliable technology partner to lift its standards. However, to suffice the purpose of the…

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3 Customer Service Trends IT Support Must Follow Closely

The scope of IT support and ITSM are changing because of the shifting needs of the consumers, technologies, and employee…

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Customizing Own Collaboration Tools Brings Success to IT Teams

IT teams need to have good collaboration tools for faster communication and risk management. Though you must look after budgets…

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VeriSM, A New-Age Service Management Method

VeriSM is a service management method that is “value-driven, evolving, responsive, integrated.” Unlike ITSM, it allows any company to provide…

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