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How to Overcome Pitfalls of Corporate Purpose

A compelling corporate purpose serves as the strategic north star for an organization. Companies with a strong organizational purpose clearly…

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Tips to Manage IT Infrastructure While Working from Home

Working from home amid lockdown is not easy. No matter how technically skilled you are, managing cyber hygiene for your…

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IT Governance: Everything You Must Know About Best Practices

IT governance is often employed in many organizations to manage risk and control IT costs. Today, an organization’s competitiveness and…

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COBIT 2019: A Right-Fit Governance Solution for Your Enterprises

COBIT 2019 guides the IT practitioners and business leaders regarding the management of information and data, and its governance. This…

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How to Identify Your Work in Progress in ITSM

Work in progress (WIP) is kind of like the “promise of value.” Eventually, that work will amount to something—but not…

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How Internal IT Support Lags behind External Customer Support

It’s no secret that most companies don’t have IT support that’s at the same level as their customer support. But…

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When Is the Right Time to Innovate?

Okay, that does sound like a loaded question. The average executive would probably answer, “Right now,” while raising an eyebrow…

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4 Tips to Lead IT through Uncertainty

The future of IT as a whole is ambiguous at best, a digital Wild West at the worst. With that…

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3 Questions to Leverage Team Diversity

From a moral standpoint, diversity should be a given in any workplace. Business leaders, however, are driven by the bottom…

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IT Governance in Digital Era: A Need for Conformist

Governance is one of the most coveted terms in the IT industry. That is why many family-owned companies are practicing…

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