Risk Management

How Your Company Can Manage Risks Proactively

In more ways than one, a breach in a financial institution can directly affect customers. Fraud involving staggering sums is…

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Is Your Company Ready for Better Governance in 2022?

While technology has been a part of our world for a while, COVID has enabled organizations to see a glimpse of its true potential. Companies will need to…

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A Guidebook to Address Financial Risks

Irrespective of risk appetite, all firms want financial security. A monetary crunch may happen due to any reason like recession,…

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How to Deal With Risk Silos

Integration is the key to managing silos. Risk silos are caused when risks are managed separately instead of in an…

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Get a Grip on Governance, Risk, and Compliance in 4 Ways

Dealing with a constant barrage of security risks is one of the biggest daily challenges faced by IT leaders, apart…

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Leaders, Include CCOs in Risk Management Talks

It is the job of chief compliance officers (CCOs) to assess compliance risks, vulnerabilities, regulations, and their impact. Their expert…

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Risk Management: Deal with the Crises Through Basics

The global pandemic has left no business short on challenges. To survive the odds, organizations must carefully navigate through the…

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Risk Analysis: A Dire Need or Motivating Factor?

All project management organizations encounter unforeseen risks in their quest to achieve project success. Risks are pitfalls that can aggregate…

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Practical Steps for Auditing IT Risk Management

Do you want to create a flexible, risk-based audit program for your organization? Well, some believe that internal audits should…

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The Role of Risk Management and Governance in Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation (IA) is what happens when robotic process automation and artificial intelligence combine to make processes better and cheaper.…

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