Project Portfolio Management

Organizational Strategic Alignment in Action

Today we have the perfect antidote for the misaligned project. In a Voices on Project Management post, Conrado Morlan shares…

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How TV’s Shark Tank Can Guide Your Project Vetting Process

Are you one of the millions of people fascinated with Shark Tank? This television show takes a handful of budding…

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Four Common Project Portfolio Dashboard Mistakes

Why are portfolio dashboards necessary? Portfolio dashboards track the metrics, as well as the progress, within an organization. The dashboards…

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Getting Started with Project Scoring

Scoring a project is the fastest way to differentiate the high-value projects from those of lesser importance. Unfortunately, few organizations…

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Optimizing Project Portfolio Management for Survival

In ancient warfare, the difference between winning and losing a battle was sometimes as simple as not breaking rank. A…

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3 Steps to Make Project Portfolio Management a Business Process

If your business is not utilizing project portfolio management (PPM), you are alarmingly behind. PPM is a great asset that…

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Aligning Stakeholder Engagement Means More than You Realize

The engagement of stakeholders is absolutely essential for project management to be successful. Sometimes a company is explicitly clear about…

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‘De-Dupe’ Projects to Stop Paying Double or Triple the Cost

It is inevitable–throughout time, there will be a build-up of unnecessary redundancies. Whether it be duplicated customer information or performing…

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6 Strategic Projects Any Business Can Implement

In an effort to meet business objectives, companies will hold brainstorming meetings to plan which projects will help them meet…

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The Right Way to Implement Portfolio Management: Baby Steps

Portfolio management is a great asset for a company to possess, however too many companies become blinded by excitement and…

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