IT Governance

Fortify Organizational Resilience by Managing Dynamic Risk

Every aspect of our daily lives revolves around the cloud, including shopping, business, education, healthcare, and travel. Strategic leaders who…

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Can Technology Governance Help You Establish Ethical AI?

Listen to this article – 2:54 minutes Artificial Intelligence (AI) has dramatically enhanced marketing capabilities. As marketing’s core activities involve…

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Avoid the Domino Effect with Enterprise Risk Management

Listen to this article – 2:51 minutes For every organization, data is at the nucleus of its growth. Managing and…

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Reputation Management: Have You Taken These Steps Yet?

Today, words like ‘authenticity,’ trustworthiness,’ and ‘transparency’ are prominent on company websites and marketing materials. But, do you know what…

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Is Your Organization Future-Ready for Crisis Management?

Every organization will have to deal with crises caused by internal or external factors. While an experienced corporate leader may…

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Compliance Decision-Making Needs Better Controls Than Training

Listen to this article – 3:01 minutes Gartner recently projected that compliance training budgets will dip by 50 percent by…

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What Is the Best Enterprise Risk Management Strategy?

Does the word ‘digital disruption’ sound familiar? The reason is that you are living through one of the most turbulent…

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Can Entity-Level Controls Affect Your Decision Making?

Activity-level controls are often appreciated because they distribute the roles and responsibilities among the workforce. Entity-level controls are usually overlooked.…

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How Enterprise Risk Management Helps Your Company Perform Better

Listen to this article – 2:38 minutes Many large firms have found it challenging to adopt organizational reinvention and enterprise…

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Risk Response Strategies to Enhance Your Business Decisions

Business risks are inevitable. To accomplish or achieve something monumental, a company should take risks. However, some risks are unexpected.…

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