IT Governance

Post-COVID Corporate Governance Shifts You Must Make

Paradigm Capital Chairman Peter Dey and Professor Sarah Kaplan published “360˚ Governance: Where Are the Directors in a World in…

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Integrate Vital ERM Elements to Curb Business Risks

An efficient enterprise risk management (ERM) framework brings oversight to risk measurement, control, strategic execution, and minimizes disruption. In this…

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Directors’ Opinions on Governance Trends and Challenges

The NACD (The National Association for Corporate Directors) undertook a pulse survey of 306 directors across multiple industries to gain…

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Here Are the Top Governance Trends to Watch

The ever-evolving socioeconomic factors, business trends, and regulations have impacted the way corporations function. Additionally, the pandemic highlighted the increasing…

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6 In-Demand Governance, Risk, and Compliance Certifications

Whether it stems from incompetence or outright criminal deviance, accounting and security can go really wrong in business. It is…

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Corporate Governance and Risk: Are They Related?

Corporate governance is the central theme in today’s organizations, especially if it is regarding risk management. Poor visibility, incorrect data…

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How to Assess Risk for Fintech

With mobile transactions taking over the payment mode, cryptocurrencies being an aggressive investment market, and financial chatbots informing customers about…

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How ERM Unifies GRC and Security to Combat Company Risks

ERM constitutes GRC and security. These are the two pillars that can save you from the dreaded cyber threats. Since…

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Corporate Governance: Priorities for Boards in 2021

Many organizations are navigating a complex, unsettling environment following the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Some organizations are reaching new levels of…

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Sustainability Governance Structures: Tips to Achieve It

Successful implementation and management of sustainability in an organization demands clear direction, committed leadership, and strategic influence. However, sustainability cannot…

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