IT Governance

Executive Chair: Do You Really Need One in Your Company?

Do you know that more companies are hiring an executive chairperson for their management ranks? For instance, Jeff Bezos stepped…

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Building a Culture of Workplace Ethics: Why It Matters

In modern business, workplace ethics have become increasingly important due to the changing nature of work and the emphasis on…

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Compliance Education: Why You Should Prioritize Training

When a company plans to optimize its governance operations, it usually begins by re-evaluating compliance education. However, some enterprises often…

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How Corporate Governance Policies Differ from Compliance

Corporate officers that oversee a company’s day-to-day operations and risk management set rules, regulations, and procedures known as corporate governance…

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6 Compliance Strategies to Follow to Avoid Penalties

Corporate compliance is a staple conversation across all industries. Since data privacy laws have been enforced, businesses must now explain…

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Tips to Implement an Effective Ethical Conduct Framework

Brand reputation and stakeholder trust are the two most essential components of a business. Many experts believe that workforce involvement…

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A Company Reputation Is Synonymous with Its Growth

Corporations typically give lower priority to company reputation compared to other operational concerns. Unfortunately, it takes time to establish a…

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Is Your Company Measuring These Compliance Metrics?

Listen to this article – 2:40 minutes Measuring compliance in today’s data-driven landscape helps prevent reputational damage and avoid costly…

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Modern Business Is Reshaping the Corporate Governance System

Corporate governance requirements change annually to keep up with the quickly evolving business environment and to be in line with…

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Plan Your Business Objectives with These Effective Tips

IT business objectives are critical components of a company’s strategy and operations. Enterprises have their specific methods for devising their…

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