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6 Compliance Strategies to Follow to Avoid Penalties

Corporate compliance is a staple conversation across all industries. Since data privacy laws have been enforced, businesses must now explain…

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How Company Code of Conduct Can Boost Employee Governance

Corporate codes of conduct have existed for a long time. Today, they are a legal requirement. A company code of…

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10 Ethical Business Practices Every Company Must Follow

Ethical business practices allow a company to maintain its reputation in the ever-changing market. It nurtures loyalty, employee retention, and…

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Can Organizational Ethics Impact Your Business Success?

Imagine going to a workplace every day that encourages or tolerates misconduct. Undoubtedly, there are short-term gains. However, companies with…

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Reputation Management: Have You Taken These Steps Yet?

Today, words like ‘authenticity,’ trustworthiness,’ and ‘transparency’ are prominent on company websites and marketing materials. But, do you know what…

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Compliance Decision-Making Needs Better Controls Than Training

Listen to this article – 3:01 minutes Gartner recently projected that compliance training budgets will dip by 50 percent by…

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5 Must-Have IT Governance Certifications Everyone Is Talking About

IT governance helps to align IT with your company strategies. COBIT, ISO/IEC 38500, and ITIL help measure project outcomes, comply…

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Corporate Governance Beyond Compliance and Values

Corporate governance defines all businesses’ responsibility to calculate risks, actions, and decisions compliant to business management. It is not only…

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10 Steps to Lift Corporate Governance Standards

Most corporate boards are still suffering from a severe lack of diversity. The lack of diversity remains persistent even though…

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How to Make a GRC Framework Work for Your Company

Look around, and you will see several stakeholders scratching their heads when they hear about any GRC framework. The majority…

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