IT Governance

Why You Must Focus on Business Continuity Plans More

Business continuity plans are a dire necessity today because of the rapidly changing market and global economic conditions. As a…

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Risk Analysis: A Dire Need or Motivating Factor?

All project management organizations encounter unforeseen risks in their quest to achieve project success. Risks are pitfalls that can aggregate…

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How to Get Management Buy-ins for Your IT Governance Program?

There tends to be a gap in expectations between the IT governance team and senior leadership in organizations. While the…

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Risk Assessment: A Checklist for Leaders

Risk is constant in the business world. Ignoring risks does not help the organizations in managing them. On the contrary,…

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Risk Management: Deal with the Crises Through Basics

The global pandemic has left no business short on challenges. To survive the odds, organizations must carefully navigate through the…

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Get a Grip on Governance, Risk, and Compliance in 4 Ways

Dealing with a constant barrage of security risks is one of the biggest daily challenges faced by IT leaders, apart…

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How COVID-19 Affected Company Compliance Cultures

Aligning company compliance to current laws and regulations is essential, and the culture should run deep. However, due to the…

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Include Climate Change in Your Governance Model

No government or state had thought about climate change in their governance model. U.S. Army chief climate researcher Jeff Arnold…

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The Pillars of Good Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance begins with a great board of directors. Organizations must ensure that individuals that represent all shareholders’ interests…

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How Can Corporate Board Endure the Global Pandemic?

The coronavirus epidemic has multiplied business operation challenges. The spread of the virus is still pushing companies to adapt to…

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