IT Governance

The Lack of Knowledge About GDPR and Data Privacy

The majority of IT professionals have read about GDPR and its enforcement plans in the recent new updates. But how…

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5 Must-Have IT Governance Certifications Everyone Is Talking About

IT governance helps to align IT with your company strategies. COBIT, ISO/IEC 38500, and ITIL help measure project outcomes, comply…

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GRC Trends for 2022: Where to Focus Your Efforts

The pandemic has forced business leaders to rethink their operational resilience—especially after a significant surge in the number of data…

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Corporate Governance Beyond Compliance and Values

Corporate governance defines all businesses’ responsibility to calculate risks, actions, and decisions compliant to business management. It is not only…

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Does Governance Play a Role in Investor Confidence?

Corporate governance has always been an important topic. Even more so today, as many organizations recognize the need to develop…

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A Guidebook to Address Financial Risks

Irrespective of risk appetite, all firms want financial security. A monetary crunch may happen due to any reason like recession,…

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Learn About the New Change in the Financial Sector

The Fed, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) have taken a unified…

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Remote Workers, You are Not Secure. Beware of These Risks

Remote work has become a common practice across the globe. The rollout of a remote workforce in the wake of…

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Tips to Manage IT Infrastructure While Working from Home

Working from home amid a lockdown is not easy. No matter how technically skilled you are, managing cyber hygiene for…

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How to Deal With Risk Silos

Integration is the key to managing silos. Risk silos are caused when risks are managed separately instead of in an…

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