IT Governance

Corporate Governance and Risk: Are They Related?

Corporate governance is a central theme in today’s organizations, especially regarding risk management. Poor visibility, incorrect data and analysis, and…

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6 In-Demand Governance, Risk, and Compliance Certifications

Whether it stems from incompetence or outright criminal deviance, accounting and security can go really wrong in business. It is…

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How to Convey Technical Risks to Non-Tech Staff

Are you striving to explain tech situations to non-technical colleagues and failing to succeed? Tech-savvy employees are aware of the…

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Practical Steps for Auditing IT Risk Management

Do you want to create a flexible, risk-based audit program for your organization? Well, some believe that internal audits should…

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The Role of Risk Management and Governance in Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation (IA) is what happens when robotic process automation and artificial intelligence combine to make processes better and cheaper.…

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What Is the Significance of Risk Committees?

The pandemic has prepared organizations and business owners for the worst. Many businesses have suffered a severe blow in the…

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4 Customer Disruptions That Can Halt Your Team’s Progress

Like a martial artist striking specific pressure points on an opponent’s body, just a few distractions can destroy the whole…

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Change Management: 10 Steps for Responding to a Crisis

Change and crisis, for various and unfortunate reasons, are inextricably linked. Vawns Murphy, writing for the ITSM Review, warns that…

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Risk Managers, Follow These IRM Digital Ethics

Risk professionals have a crucial role in maintaining their company’s reputation. Integrated Risk Management (IRM) digital ethics guidelines insist that…

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Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with GRC

Governance, risk, and compliance typically gets abbreviated as GRC, not just for convenience but because it sounds much less intimidating.…

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