Three Roles of Senior Leaders in IT Governance

If IT is not properly supporting all the initiatives that matter to the business, weak IT governance could be to…

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3 Ways CIOs Can Achieve Consistent Efficiency with Governance

Some of the best minds in IT governance hold the opinion that governance is sorely misunderstood. As Jen Skrabak writing…

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The Next-Generation IT Help Desk Is Achievable Today

Technological progress is an exciting time for all aspects of IT, not just the headline-grabbing innovations. Particularly, there are plenty…

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4 Ways to Build Trust in Digital Government

Heads of state understand that technology makes all the difference, and government must go digital. That being said, most government…

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Rethinking How IT Drives Business Value in a Digital Age

The days of IT holding a monopoly on technology are long gone. Instead, people with technological questions will ask anyone,…

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To Stay Relevant, Your Company and Employees Must Keep Learning

What skills do professors need to teach college students in order to prepare them for the dreaded “real world” of…

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The Death of the Job Interview, and How Top Companies Are Replacing It

Interviewing is a pain for anyone who has to pass this all-in-or-nothing round. However, as the person on the other…

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Why IT Needs to Tear Down Data Silos

Everyone always hears how important IT is to the business, and that any company that wants to be successful needs…

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Rebuilding Confidence after IT Failure

IT failure can be a fiasco and is a gut punch to any company. It can all go horribly wrong,…

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Is It Time to Rethink Your IT Training Strategy?

New research adds a new wrinkle to the tapestry of IT training. Mindfulness, which is a practice that focuses on…

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