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Changing How We Re-Skill in the Age of Automation

A host of major new technologies and principles is popping up all at once in the IT industry, and everyone…

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Getting Beyond the BS of Leadership Literature

Every person who would seek to improve their leadership skills through a good book should be applauded. However, there are…

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The Culture of Sharing: New Learning for Service Management Staff

What is the foundation for performance of an organization? The people in the organization, and their capabilities, are the greatest…

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How to Develop a Data Science Training Program inside Your Company

It’s no surprise that the projected openings for data-savvy professionals is on the rise. But what’s a shame is that…

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5 Common Obstacles to Digital Learning

The business is looking for IT to fulfill a new role as teacher when it comes to emerging digital trends.…

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The Best Leaders Are Constant Learners

How useful would it be to possess the technology to see into the future and anticipate imminent needs? Kenneth Mikkelsen,…

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How to Separate Learning Myths from Reality

Today we’re out to bust three “neuromyths” – those misinterpretations of neuroscience research that have lodged themselves within our cultural…

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Learning Is a Must: An Interview with Computer Aid CIO Steve Heilenman

In a video interview series for SarderTV, Phil Weinzimer interviews Steve Heilenman, CIO of Computer Aid, about leadership, smart hiring,…

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