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5 Compliance Challenges Companies Face Today

Even after the implementation of stricter rules and regulations, organizations face compliance challenges regularly. While some companies remain ignorant of…

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Rethinking How IT Drives Business Value in a Digital Age

The days of IT holding a monopoly on technology are long gone. Instead, people with technological questions will ask anyone,…

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To Stay Relevant, Your Company and Employees Must Keep Learning

What skills do professors need to teach college students in order to prepare them for the dreaded “real world” of…

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How Internal IT Support Lags behind External Customer Support

It’s no secret that most companies don’t have IT support that’s at the same level as their customer support. But…

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Cybersecurity Threats: Let’s Face the Reality

Looking back at the year 2018 when the news of cybersecurity attack was hitting headline regularly, it had become a…

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IT Governance in Digital Era: A Need for Conformist

Governance is one of the most coveted terms in the IT industry. That is why many family-owned companies are practicing…

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4 Ps to Reconsider in ITSM Service Design

With the advent of technology development, the fast-changing service management helps IT service management (ITSM) firms run swiftly. All technology…

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It’s the Company’s Job to Help Employees Learn

People are not robotic in nature. Confining workers to a box where they continue with the same repetitive task will…

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4 Ways GDPR Can Drive Tangible Benefits for Companies

Regarding GDPR, company leaders are in two minds. Non-compliance is going to cost 4 percent of the total revenue or…

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What is So Exciting About Network Analytics?

IT leaders are excited about network analytics, especially startups. To ride the trend, network service providers are concentrating their efforts…

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