The Dark Side of Resilience

We always want to celebrate people who bounce back from hardships. Resilience is a quality people never get scolded for…

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Why Scaling Leadership Development Is So Important

Very often, it is the quality of the leadership that decides if an initiative succeeds or fails. That makes it…

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Organizations Can’t Change If Leaders Can’t Change with Them

Depending on whom you ask, enterprise transformation efforts fail between 60 and more than 70 percent of the time. With…

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The 5 Elements of a Strong Leadership Pipeline

Having a strong financial pipeline is what every company wants to attain, correct? Well, to do so you must have…

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Men in Groups Make Extreme Decisions

A typical comedy movie premise is that a group of guys make increasingly extreme decisions together, resulting in a mess…

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An Innovative Approach to Innovation

Is your approach to innovation, for lack of a better word, innovative? Leading highly impactful innovation programs is almost half…

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7 Ways to Free Up Money for IT Innovation

As a CIO, do you have the resolve to be your “own strongest budget critic?” In the absence of a…

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How Technology Innovations Can Make or Break a CIO

From cost center to strategic business contributor, a new kind of CIO emerges. He / she is perhaps more a…

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Driving Digital Transformation: New Skills for Leaders, New Role for CIO

Most companies lack the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the digital aspects of their business. It’s a matter…

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7 Excuses Managers Make for Their Employees

Sometimes employees play the blame game. Every time something goes wrong, it’s somebody else’s fault. But Richard Lepsinger, in a…

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