IT-Business Alignment

How Tech Integration Can Shape Customer Relationships

IT-business alignment focuses on strategizing organizational goals and bolstering them with the available technology. It helps businesses shape their tech…

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Craft an IT Vision That Aligns with Your Business Goals

As organizations grow and evolve, it becomes increasingly important to have a clear vision for their IT strategy. An IT…

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How Is Technology Transforming Business Functions?

Digital technologies are driving today’s business strategies. Digital tools manage day-to-day operations, offer seamless customer service, minimize organizational waste, and…

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Strategy Alignment Model: Does It Benefit Your Business?

The business world is rapidly changing. Therefore, organizations must constantly adjust their business strategies to remain relevant and competitive. Today,…

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Service Level Management – Goal, Objective, and Benefits

Listen to this article – 2:59 minutes Service level management (SLM) is a technique to ensure that services are provided…

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Avoid the Domino Effect with Enterprise Risk Management

Listen to this article – 2:51 minutes For every organization, data is at the nucleus of its growth. Managing and…

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Artificial Intelligence Is Ubiquitous, and So Are Its Risks to ERM

Artificial intelligence-based systems are becoming ubiquitous in our lives. Their rapid growth raises concerns about the global impact, ethics, governance,…

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Why You Must Focus More on Business Continuity Plans

Business continuity plans are a dire necessity today because of the rapidly changing market and global economic conditions. As a…

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Can Governance Architecture Affect Business and IT?

What is the scope of IT governance? Can the IT governance model support board members? What should be the outcome…

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Governance: A Boardroom Guide to CEOs

Effective corporate governance is grounded in a clear view of what matters the most to the business, the range of…

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