Digital Disruption

4 Ways to Build Trust in Digital Government

Heads of state understand that technology makes all the difference, and government must go digital. That being said, most government…

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Cybersecurity Threats: Let’s Face the Reality

Looking back at the year 2018 when the news of cybersecurity attack was hitting headline regularly, it had become a…

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When Is the Right Time to Innovate?

Okay, that does sound like a loaded question. The average executive would probably answer, “Right now,” while raising an eyebrow…

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Dealing with ITSM? Design Your Threat Model Well

One of the services that ITSM provides the customers is security. With the boom of cybercriminals, there is no dearth…

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3 Core Tasks to Modernize IT for a Digital Era

IT was originally conceived to do things like maintain servers and help the tech-illiterate with their printers. Now IT is…

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What is So Exciting About Network Analytics?

IT leaders are excited about network analytics, especially startups. To ride the trend, network service providers are concentrating their efforts…

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3 Ways CIOs Must Adapt amid ‘Digital Darwinism’

Animals adapt to changing habitats. Businesses must adapt to changing technology, like the cloud, big data, and the Internet of…

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What Going Digital Means to IT and the Bottom Line

No matter which industry or which sector you work in, your company is a technology company. In an article for…

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Beware a Meager ROI on Automation

Homer Simpson ran for Sanitation Commissioner on a platform of, “Can’t someone else do it?” and he won. People love…

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How Do We Prepare for the Coming AI Projects?

AI used to be the term we used to describe awesome dudes like C-3PO. Now it has been co-opted to…

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