Choosing Permanent WFH? Analyze the Pros and Cons

The pandemic has washed away the majority of the misgivings companies had about remote work. But they might prefer not…

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Can Governance Architecture Affect Business and IT?

What is the scope of IT governance? Can the IT governance model support board members? What could be the outcome…

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How to Use Employee Turnover as a Company Health Check

Employee turnover is a difficult metric to analyze properly. It is a common misconception that employee turnover should be minimized…

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Why You Must Focus More on Business Continuity Plans

Business continuity plans are a dire necessity today because of the rapidly changing market and global economic conditions. As a…

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4 Easy Ways to Effective IT Stakeholder Management

Along with procedures, technology, plan, you must also have an effective IT stakeholder management for a successful project. You have…

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Governance: A Boardroom Guide to CEOs

Effective corporate governance is grounded in a clear view of what matters the most to the business, the range of…

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A Guide to Improving Your Board’s Governance Practices

Good corporate governance emphasizes the integrity and efficiency of an organization and promotes economic growth and financial stability. So, how…

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3 Ways CIOs Can Achieve Consistent Efficiency with Governance

Some of the best minds in IT governance hold the opinion that governance is sorely misunderstood. As Jen Skrabak writing…

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Four Ingredients for API Success

APIs are the way of the future in IT. They free up opportunities for innovation and allow for a greater…

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Next-Generation IT Governance

Much like a baby in your arms compared to the child’s first day of college, IT governance is almost unrecognizable…

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