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Project Governance Sounds Important—But What Does It Actually Look Like?

Governance is a buzzword that naturally sounds like something pretty relevant, maybe because it reminds us of government or of…

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Seizing Opportunity: The Current State of ITSM

Overview: A CIO’s Priority There is no denying that businesses worldwide run on applications and data. However, the success quotient…

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A Grim Portrait: The Current State of IT Project Failure

Where do we stand with IT project failure? Are success rates in the industry improving? Frankly, not really. At best,…

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Shin Godzilla: An Unexpectedly Agile Monster Movie

Last weekend, I had the good fortune to catch a limited screening of Shin Godzilla (sometimes known as Godzilla Resurgence),…

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Manage Work, Not People: Does a Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) Work for You?

As companies try to reduce turnover and engage employees, the traditional ways we work are changing. Employees desire more flexibility…

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Business and Technology Transformation Leadership: The Critical Factor

Today’s technology-enabled business landscape, rapid innovations, new business models, intense competition, global operating environment, constraining legacy systems, increasing regulations, and…

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The Big Con: It Happens in Software Too

I saw the film The Big Short recently with my wife, and if you haven’t already seen it, I strongly…

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What Level Are You On?

Most of my friends and colleagues know that I am a fan of the human motivation work done by Abraham…

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Setting Expectations Early: Getting What You Need (and Want) from Your Employees

Have you realized that your employees are constantly performing below your needs or not providing the results you expect? This…

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Software Contracts: Is This What Stockholm Syndrome Feels Like?

During a bank robbery in the Swedish capital in August 1973, two men, Olsson and Olofsson, took the employees of…

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