Michael Dobson

MICHAEL DOBSON, PMP, is a well-known author and speaker, focusing on project management, creativity, and sidewise thinking. His books include Creative Project Management (McGraw-Hill), a fresh and insightful perspective on how to get control when chaos is swirling all around you, and the novels Fox on the Rhine and MacArthur’s War, both selections of the Military Book Club. Michael helped build the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum and led creative and marketing operations for the publishers of Dungeons & Dragons®. He designed numerous games himself, including the H. G. Wells Award-winning Battlesystem and  Bloodstone Pass, which was featured in an episode of the television series Stranger Things. He’s also the world’s only private owner of a real Apollo spacesuit. Michael’s business and project management resources can be found at dobsonsolution.com and his other material at dobsonbooks.com
Problem Management

Crisis Management and Apollo 13

“Houston, we’ve had a problem.” With those chilling words, Apollo 13 announced they were in the middle of a crisis…

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Risk Management

Risk Management and the Spirit of St. Louis

He had one of the worst safety records in the history of aviation. He was underfunded. His competition had a…

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