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Workplace Integrity: Why Is It Critical for Your Company?

Professionals often associate honesty and respect with integrity. Employees take their commitments seriously, are proactive, and are accountable for their results in organizations with a true culture of integrity. However, teams can suffer from a lack of motivation, poor performance, and even dissatisfaction when integrity in the workplace is low. So, how do you improve your workplace integrity? In this article at Cron., Kate McFarlin shares some tips to enhance the integrity of your organization.

Ways to Boost Your Workplace Integrity

Lead by Example

The best way to promote integrity is to lead by example. Therefore, as a business leader, be willing to work hard to exhibit integrity at all times.

Establish Robust Policies to Handle Workplace Integrity Issues

Instead of letting problems slide, develop a system for handling unethical or questionable behavior,” says McFarlin. The author also suggests that employers immediately and severely penalize staff when a serious breach of integrity occurs, such as employee theft or blatant dishonesty.

Encourage Two-Way Communication

Give employees a chance to talk with each other and C-suite executives. Encourage a high level of transparency and reinforce the idea that everyone is working toward the same objectives.

Set Clear Expectations

Modern companies promote diversity. As a result, people can have different codes of ethics and might need clarification on what is appropriate. Therefore, leave no ambiguity about what you want to see. Additionally, ensure your employees are aware of the ramifications when there are violations.

Clarify Responsibilities

When employees clearly understand their roles and responsibilities, it can reduce much of the conflict. Clarify the duties through formal policies or procedures or verbal or written communication on a project-by-project basis.

Workplace integrity is critical to modern companies. Start improving integrity in your organization by adopting one or more of these approaches. To read the original article, click on

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