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Strategy Alignment Model: Does It Benefit Your Business?

The business world is rapidly changing. Therefore, organizations must constantly adjust their business strategies to remain relevant and competitive. Today, almost every department in modern organizations is reliant on technology. However, achieving business goals and objectives will be challenging when a company’s business and IT strategies are not aligned. Implementing a strategy alignment model can offer a multitude of benefits. So, what are the benefits? In this article on LinkedIn, Yehudit Mori explains why organizations fail at aligning IT and business strategies and the steps to actualize IT-business alignment.

Why Does a Strategy Alignment Model Fail?

Constant Leadership Changes: When leadership changes and someone else steps in, IT investment decisions get reversed and favor new goals and beliefs. Unless well thought out, constant leadership changes can erase any IT-business strategy alignment.

Shiny Object Syndrome: “For instance, businesses might implement a cryptocurrency payment feature that is not in the users’ interest. Consequently, businesses’ investments and money go waste,” says Mori.

Clinging to Outdated Technology: A strategy alignment model fails when organizations stick to old technologies. Therefore, leaders must understand that new technology is more capable and reliable in fulfilling business objectives.

Poor Communication: Experts believe that the source of misalignment between IT and business strategies is a lack of effective communication at an organizational level.

How Can You Achieve Success at Implementing a Strategy Alignment Model?

  • Leaders must create shared accountability and value realization between business and IT.
  • IT and business leaders must develop good listening skills. This will help them understand the current state and what works great in the future.
  • Organizations must objectively assess their current corporate culture to identify potential areas of improvement.
  • Enterprises must offer incentives to their staff to work towards IT-business collaboration.

The Benefits of IT-Business Alignment

  • Offers complete visibility of business processes, streamlines operations, and improves employee productivity and efficiency
  • Gathers real-time data across various departments, locations, and units of the organization
  • Enables better coordination among different teams with accurate data
  • Provides more significant insights into customer behaviors and requirements

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