IT-Business Alignment

Can Governance Architecture Affect Business and IT?

What is the scope of IT governance? Can the IT governance model support board members? What should be the outcome of good IT governance? In this white paper by the Open Group, Harry H.M. Hendrickx describes a governance framework based on the IT industry’s ongoing governance practices and research fields. He emphasizes the fact that focusing on a governance structure may not be sufficient. Thus, it is necessary to include a significant set of elements to derive a credible enterprise architecture methodology and framework.

Role of TOGAF

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) can address a specific set of IT governance challenges for fast-transforming enterprises. The framework helps define business goals and align them with your enterprise software development’s architectural objectives. TOGAF is a systematic approach to reduce errors, maintain timelines, and stay within the project budget to align IT operations with business quality status.

Practical Parameters

IT governance influences a corporation’s internal decision-making to address the varying parameters that influence IT operations and business. Additionally, enterprise architecture also needs governance provisions at the executive, middle management, and operational management levels. The major challenge is to understand the internal logic between the domains and all management levels. It also needs the right structure to understand the type of decisions necessary for good governance. By clarifying all the complexities of IT, you can diversify your IT operations and governance architecture.

Simply, IT governance is aligning technology with the business. However, the mechanism of governance can influence and enable significant management decision-making related to IT and business solutions. Governance is a critical component of enterprise architecture that can act as a tool to influence growth and business-IT alignment. It promotes constant improvement, data migration, and business mergers to achieve revenue goals.

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