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Holistic ERM Principles to Address Pandemic-Related Risks

About a year ago, the coronavirus outbreak transformed human behavior on a huge scale. A year down the line, business leaders are confronting the new reality of risk strategies. In this article at Enterprise Risk Management Initiative, Mark Beasley outlines the inherently dynamic ERM principles. The key concepts from enterprise risk management may help you address the most crucial risks triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak. Perhaps, fixing the economic condition can help you position yourself better in the market.

Risk Management Agenda

Enterprise risk management is a forward-looking exercise devised to provide board and senior leaders a strategic perspective. It can help you proactively manage and achieve business goals and financial objectives that can overwhelm the economic stability of an enterprise. Here are some tips for managing enterprise risks:

  • Pay attention to the people, including employees, consumers, dealers, co-workers, and stakeholders. Ensure they are safe and secure at the remote location they are working from.
  • Determine the most critical growth factors for your venture.  Make a survival plan to ensure enhancing your ability to deliver great products and services.
  • Identify the core values that are necessary for smooth functioning.
  • Gather input from employees within the organization to resolve the emerging challenges caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Obtaining different views of the risks and responses to overcome them can boost the odds of risk navigation that may keep things moving.
  • Employee engagement to overcoming global crisis risks is the ideal approach to acknowledge the bumps on the road to recovery.
  • Frequent communication is yet another significant aspect of an effective ERM process. By conducting robust conversations on evolving risks, you can take the necessary measures beforehand and boost your company‚Äôs work culture.

Aim to Recoup

Once you fulfill the fundamental needs of your company to survive the pandemic, the next step is to strategize ways for post-crisis existence. Certainly, you must collect data to evaluate the economic influence of your venture on asset liquidity and future sustainability measures. Closely monitor the proposed developments and accelerate primary cash flow analyses. If you foresee a high level of financial loss, it could be the new reality of lost revenues and potentially high expenditures. Reach out to your key stakeholders seeking financial aid.

Manifest all your pandemic knowledge into developing a risk management procedure to stabilize your company in future crises. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://erm.ncsu.edu/library/article/using-erm-principles-to-help-navigate-risks-triggered-by-covid-19

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