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Choosing Permanent WFH? Analyze the Pros and Cons

The pandemic has washed away the majority of the misgivings companies had about remote work. But they might prefer not to offer you a permanent WFH. Why not? Even you should consider the pros and cons before taking the plunge. In this article at ISACA, Caitlin McGaw shares the benefits and disadvantages of permanent WFH.

Considering Permanent WFH

There are undeniably many pluses to remote work. For instance, you do not have to commute for long hours, enjoy more flexible work hours, save expenses, etc. On the other hand, you are isolated from your team, and the boundary between work and home is diminishing. Despite all this, if you are choosing permanent WFH, learn what you will gain as well as lose with this career option:

Isolated from the Team

You will never get to meet your team as often as you want. Though memories may be sufficient, your continued absence could make them begin planning team activities without you. Working professionals that took up a new job in the pandemic confessed that it was tough to contribute to team outings.

Stunted Career Growth

Since your boss or mentor will not be around to lead you and correct your mistakes, your career may not grow as fast as you expected. Team unity will not exist because none of the team members would know each other that well.

You also need time and space to observe your leader’s reaction to various challenges and decisions. Promotion will be tough because your boss cannot evaluate how productive you are despite the virtual meetings and brainstorming sessions. Though technology has kept you connected to your team, you need that human touch and in-person bonding and interactions to build trust and belief that you can handle additional responsibilities.

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