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Lead to Revamp Your Company’s Compliance Culture

Having a compliance culture helps your organization implement policies that abide by current industry laws and regulations. Regular audits keep your company out of trouble. However, some leaders think that maintaining these rules is an expenditure. In this article at Forbes, Jason Christopher shares how you can renovate the compliance culture of your company by leading it.

Compliance Culture and Leadership

Some organizations feel that these regulatory measures are simply slowing them down. Instead of analyzing compliance gaps and feeling lost under heaps of checklists, build a compliance culture for employees. Establish best practices, install tools, and fast-track procedures to improve safety. More than being reactive, think about how you can solve issues in proactive ways. For instance, the United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has established critical infrastructure protection protocols (CIP) to standardize the energy sector. So, what steps must you take to develop a compliance culture in your workplace? Here are the guidelines:

Build Security Programs

The CIP programs are more or less a standard set of procedures, like training people on security, ensuring databases are secure, and checking if emergency protocols are in place. Large enterprises are even establishing a centralized threat intelligence team for overall safety.

Inculcate a Compliance Mindset

Instead of making your compliance audit crew a separate entity, make it a part of your compliance culture. Leaders and teams should come up with solutions without hesitation. Top executives must be approachable for suggestions or feedback to establish this work environment. There should be standard processes and dedicated teams and tools to make it possible.

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Ask the following questions in the beginning to streamline your security roadmap:

  • What is your organizational risk appetite?
  • How readily can you adapt to new technologies and tools?
  • Does your security manager have job loss fears?
  • Can you share your security concerns with the higher-ups?

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