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How to Get Management Buy-ins for Your IT Governance Program?

There tends to be a gap in expectations between the IT governance team and senior leadership in organizations. While the executives are supportive, IT team does not think it is enough. In this article at Escoute Consulting, find out the steps to get management buy-ins for IT governance program. The governance team hardly knows what factors accept or reject their ideas.

Tips to Loop in Executive Support

Communication is the most challenging part of getting executive buy-ins for any governance program. Following are the tips to get management buy-ins for your IT governance program:

Understand Your Company Goals

Find out what your company wants to achieve as long-term and immediate objectives. Know the vision, mission, and strategy of your firm.

Know the Real Meaning: Employees must have shared knowledge of your IT governance program to support it. Tell them about the benefits it brings in terms of interdepartmental communication, stakeholder management, and alignment with business goals.

Identify Your Stakeholders

Figure out who your stakeholders are and their opinions regarding governance. Gather answers to all their concerns to get their wholehearted support.

Create a Comprehensive Marketing Presentation

Executives are busy people, so prepare a presentation that will give out the precise message you want to send across. Modify the marketing collateral based on the stakeholder. Each member should have an exclusive takeaway.

Know the Industry Frameworks

Organizations are utilizing several industry frameworks simultaneously but are not getting the desired results. The problem is with the adoption and not the number or popularity of the framework you are using. To be noted, COBIT is the only framework that keeps governance separate from management.

Jump in When the Time Is Ripe

Executives are people that you get to see only during high-level meetings and corporate occasions. So, look out for opportunities to talk and convince them. Always keep yourself ready with all the answers and presentation.

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