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Tips to Manage IT Infrastructure While Working from Home

Work from home amid lockdown is not as easy. No matter how technically skilled you are, managing cyber hygiene for your home network is not easy. Infrastructure planning is pivotal to address looming security concerns. In this article at CIO Dive, Samantha Ann Schwartz explains that IT infrastructure management at a virtual location requires crucial yet strategic steps. Take responsibility and learn about the technology installed at home to maintain security compliance.

Patching Policies

If you are connecting your device with a corporate VPN network, your IT team might lack visibility into your patching arrangements. To maintain cybersecurity, organizations should not permit unauthorized laptops to connect with the office network. By functioning on a cloud-based system, it is easier to administer patches for the remote workforce.

Distributed Security System

Within the office premises, the IT department had administrative capabilities to manage security arrangements. By deploying updated security and patches, maintaining endpoint safety updates is possible.

However, for SMEs, without a centralized management system for patching, regular updates are impossible. Most of the small and medium firms have not even tried remote IT operations to its full capacity. Thus, the possibility of a cybersecurity attack is high.

Here are two response plans for the organizations trying hard to maintain security:

  • Find ways to install automated patching like Microsoft SCCM patch management.
  • Hire a third-party patching management service provider to monitor discrepancies and regularly update software.

Persistence market research suggests that the cybersecurity market is growing exponentially, amid the global pandemic. It is because patching helps in dealing with vulnerabilities.

There are several patch management automation tools available to track the existing loopholes in the system. By installing them, users can maintain cyber hygiene at any remote location.

By fixing a central interface like auto approvals or other features like scheduling and reporting, enterprises can stay updated and escape significant security issues.

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