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Ethical Technology: A Dire Need to Gain an Edge Over Enterprise Governance

Innovative technology is the new trend among IT professionals. It has opened new avenues of opportunities for businesses, and in some cases a severe threat to ethical norms. In this article at ISACA, Guy Pearce defines ethics in IT as a medium to maintain compliance without violating human values and interests.

Deployment of Ethical Technology

Indeed, ethics are as crucial to IT firms as the other domains of enterprise governance of IT (EGIT). Following the rigorous legislation imposed by the European Union (EU) as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data privacy remains crucial.

Many countries have aligned their privacy regulations with GDPR. Some organizations consider it as a burden, while others take it as a vital need to maintain data security.

With automation taking a front seat to reduce human error, governance remains a matter of concern. Following IT ethics, along with innovative technology, secures the domains of IT enterprise governance.

Alertness Through Education

Awareness and training of IT professionals can serve as a guideline for future.  Any organization can monitor and maintain the ethical norms with the support of its skilled staff. Awareness can bring apparent transformation. So, initiate regular educational seminars and training sessions to update your team about possible threats and breaches.

Organizations must focus on practicing governance compliance. It maintains data security as an ethical practice critical for company growth.

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