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Overcome the Barriers of Weak IT Governance Practices

IT governance is a steering wheel as opposed to a brake that leads to unnecessary disruption. If you aim to steer your agile organization toward a clear track to success, you must adhere to the governance model’s core values. In this article at SITS Insight, Steve Morgan shares several recommendations to improve a questionable IT governance program.

What’s the Need?

A useful IT governance model not only upholds reliable operations but also offers a structured IT delivery. Follow these guidelines to escape the roadblocks coming your way:

Conduct Necessary Meetings Only

Meetings are effective when they are relevant and short. Stretching it for two hours is an absolute waste of time and resources. Now, look back and see how much valuable time you have lost in an hour-long meeting over the years. You can save time on lengthy panel meetings to plan compliant strategies and address rampant security concerns.

Limit the Intervention of Stakeholders

Keep the governance meetings limited to the critical decision-makers. Do not invite all stakeholders unless there is a real crisis.

Switch to Agility

Do not wait too long to get approval from an occasionally available manager. Waiting leads to delay, rushed decisions and executions.

Use Automated Tools

Thanks to advanced technologies, now you have the liberty to automate tedious tasks. Invest in automation tools to empower your workforce with speed, consistency, seamless workflow, and agile development.

Follow an Easy Approach

Do not overload your team with statistics, diagrams, and elaborate templates. Keep everything simple and approachable for the employees. IT leaders must play a significant role in ensuring the same. Their actions can be beneficial as well as profitable.

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