IT Governance

Strategic Imperative of IT Governance for Organizations

How can an IT enterprise determine project alignment without disrupting the planned business goals? The answer is simple, establish a proactive strategic IT governance that enables project alignment, cost-effective execution, and leadership excellence. In this article at ISACA, Blake Curtis explains the difference between effective and ineffective governance.

An effective governance practice can help you reduce risks and enable you to accomplish strategic objectives. In contrast, ineffective governance leads to vulnerabilities, exposure of sensitive data, and inadequate security controls. A weak strategic alignment between IT and the organization leads to inadequate resource allocation, communication, and clarity in risk reduction.

An Active Use of IT Governance

Often organizations remain ignorant of the real purpose and value of IT governance. They hire a few skilled professionals proficient in governance principles, processes, and policies to bridge the knowledge gap. However, for the seamless execution of governance practices, the entire organization must be familiar with its framework and effortless optimization. You can form efficient governance by associating assurance acts like technology audit, risk administration, and cybersecurity surveillance. It will help you design strategic plans to optimize significant business goals.

Leverage GEIT

The governance of enterprise IT (GEIT) empowers significant assets like human resources, IT infrastructure, sensitive data, and economic wealth. The prime objective of GEIT is to manage IT support while optimizing available resources to meet business needs. A practical GEIT framework helps IT leaders in monitoring and addressing technical vulnerabilities.

Moreover, the governance of enterprise IT can expose any long underlying discrepancies in the system. Such unidentified risks can turn into a significant revenue loss if not discovered and addressed.

A robust IT governance can help you prevent cybersecurity attacks, and GEIT can facilitate better achievement of strategic IT objectives. IT professionals can transform the GEIT perception by defining and showcasing its superpowers.

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