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Is Your Governance Strategy Fit for Cloud Migration?

Organizations worldwide are replacing their physical assets with cost-effective cloud options. It not only helps in reducing IT costs but also accelerates innovation. However, making a swift transition is not as easy as it may sound. Without a great strategy and governance, the adoption of the cloud is irrelevant. In this article at TechTarget, Scott Cameron defines the significance of IT governance, risk management, and regulatory compliance to maintain cybersecurity.

The Eureka Moment

People perceive governance as the core institution for policy enforcement and framework implementation, which gradually help companies scale up. However, it is more about the strategic move to form the path to seamless progress. IT governance ensures security requirements exist alongside business necessities. Additionally, it helps organizations better utilize available resources.

Embracing the Cloud

Many organizations opt for cloud migration without preparation. The move does help them accelerate promotion of themselves and access a broad customer base that was impossible before. Nonetheless, they remain indecisive about which tools and platforms to use.

The cloud providers offer a wide variety of structures to facilitate governance policies and administration. Utilize the available resources to leverage the right cloud platform tools for your governance framework. Also, make use of the management groups to employ strategies like tagging to manage cost.

Governance Strategy

To develop a simple governance strategy for the cloud, learn to track your performance against standards. Develop a baseline to have a clear understanding of where you are and where you aim to reach. Also, switch to the basic features available in the cloud platforms to get the desired value. Here are two ways to employ it:

  • Improve your ability to deploy IT infrastructure and cloud capabilities for advanced technologies, including AI, IoT, and ML.
  • Reduce the cost of the on-premises ecosystem to facilitate remote infrastructure.

To maximize cloud migration, you must find ways to reduce cloud service costs. Moreover, make sure you are comfortable growing outside the cloud platforms. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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