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The Powerful Role of IT Governance Amid the Global Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak is one of the most devastating crisis witnessed by business experts. Its adverse effect will continue daunting the economy for years to come. In this article at BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, discover how organizations worldwide are dealing with the pandemic without neglecting the governance obligations.

Need for IT Solutions

Since employees’ health is supreme, the majority of the organizations have moved their business operations to virtual communication systems. People are working from remote locations while government is pushing necessary services to online mediums.

Considering the gravity of the spread and the impending economic crisis, government have staged new policies and legislations. With employees working remotely, the usage of technology has also increased. The new normal pandemic situation has opened new avenues of opportunities for cyber attackers to breach the system.

Adhere to the Governance

Infrastructure is vital for maintaining seamless operation of the IT staff amid the pandemic. It is within the scope of the IT governance protocols. Capacity management and information security are a significant part of the globally accepted IT governance frameworks.

Websites backing malicious activities are subject to the distributed denial-of-service-attacks. These activities are inescapable, so perform under a single framework formed with critical laws and policies.

IT governance is the ideal approach to counter malicious cybersecurity attacks. By implementing compliance norms at the national level, all the government agents can extend better facilities to society.

Acquire Knowledge

The information technology governance framework is a synchronized approach to implement, manage, and monitor compliance activities. It has a set of guidelines and measures to utilize IT resources while preventing malicious attacks.

Vigilant pursuits to trace and monitor the ongoing quarantine process proved helpful so far. You can utilize mobile technology with GPS tracking for contact tracing. You can use them for self-diagnosis and reporting purposes too.

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