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3 Ways to Pursue Stakeholders to Implement Data Governance

Implementing a data governance framework in your organization is definitely a challenging task. However, not all parts of the process are complicated. Designing a simple data governance framework to help your organization proactively manage the data quality is not too daunting. The problem that employees face today is getting their stakeholders to buy-in the data governance framework. In this article at TDan, Robert S Seiner explains how to convince stakeholders that data governance is necessary.

Simple Steps to Convince Your Stakeholders

Successful data governance is all about accomplishing cultural change, and this must begin at the very beginning. If leaders are not convinced that data governance is essential, they may not allow you to pursue this as a discipline. Therefore, involve key stakeholders in designing the right framework. To engage them in the designing process, you must explain why data governance is needed.

Here are three key areas you must consider while getting permission to launch a data governance initiative.

Align the Activities with Corporate Strategy

Your data governance activities must be in sync with what your organization is trying to achieve. You can get the stakeholders’ interest in your initiative only if you explain how data governance helps in achieving the organization’s objectives.

Sell the Benefits of Data Governance

Make your stakeholder understand ‘what is in for them.’ Explain the benefits that each department or team can achieve. Describe how data governance makes the organization data-enabled, data-centric, and data-savvy.

Explain Specific Benefits Rather Than the Generic Ones

Find out what costs are arising from poor quality data in your organization and use that as a real example while demonstrating the importance of data governance framework. The accurate view of data will certainly display a unique understanding of your customer base to your stakeholders. For organizations where customer engagement is the key priority, this would be an incredibly valuable strategic reason to invest in data governance.

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