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Why is Governance Essential for Emerging Technologies?

The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated that the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are not just tools but an essential part of every organization. To survive and thrive in the digital world, it is necessary to establish a governance framework that embraces disruptive technologies and encourages innovation.

In this article at World Economic Forum, Kimmy Bettinger explains the importance of agile governance in maximizing the benefits and mitigating risks of the new critical infrastructure.

The Role of Technology Governance

Developing and implementing agile approaches to the governance of emerging technologies is far easier said than done. The pace with which new technologies emerge, resulting in new technological combinations and applications, has increased the rate of obstacles for many organizations. Today, several organizations are struggling to develop and enforce a new set of rules and behaviors at an equivalent speed to reap the benefits of emerging technologies.

Why is Agile Governance Needed?

  • The use of videoconferencing tools has dramatically increased over the last few months as lockdown forced the organizations to go remote. However, these platforms have displayed security and privacy flaws while emphasizing the demand for governance. Organizations must have a baseline consensus on security to help their employees understand the risk posed by networks and devices.
  • During this COVID-19 crisis, many enterprises are deploying chatbots to provide coronavirus disease updates. Though these tools can decrease the time for responses and dedicated workload, inconsistent responses, in many instances, have eroded public trust in this communication tool.

The unique characteristics of emerging technologies such as diverse applications and the myriad concerns raised by some new capabilities have created the need for a new governance approach. By choosing how to govern emerging technologies, you must encourage beneficial developments while not losing sight of the risks. Click on to know more about emerging technologies and its governance.

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