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Do You Follow Good Governance? Check Your Rulebook Again

IT services lose stability without governance compliance. There is an industry-specific rulebook that organizations follow. In this article at Master of Project Academy, learn about IT governance standards and stages of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) lifecycle for services. It involves a set of measured and controlled procedures that can help employees fulfill their responsibilities without any hassles.

Get Clarity to Abide by Rules

Implementing good governance at all the ITIL lifecycle stages is critical because it is a set of obligations that must communicate entitlements to empower employees. Take a look at these basic but necessary terms:

  • Responsibility leads to the accountability of a specific task assigned to you.
  • Authority is the ability to influence your staff’s behavior by carefully selecting words to exchange critical information.
  • Empowerment is the authority given to a chosen few to act upon a specific set of tasks.

Fundamental Governance Practices

ITIL covers a set of industry best practices for IT service management that aligns business needs with the growing demand for IT services. The framework offers three fundamental governance practices, including:

  • Enterprise Governance: It is a manual that includes all the business rules and regulations an enterprise must follow.
  • Corporate Governance: It is the fair and transparent representation of responsibilities and strategies for the board members and C-suite executives. Corporate governance complies with company rules.
  • IT Governance: It includes rules and legislation related to the IT assets. IT governance also ensures appropriate implementation of leadership, corporate structure, and IT support strategies.

Role of IT Governance in ITSM

IT governance signifies the execution of rules and policies that are critical to achieving planned and unplanned strategies. If you employ new processes to add value to the customer service, IT governance will act as the regulator to help adhere to these processes. Should the management detect any procedure misuse, they must take stringent action against it.

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