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COBIT 2019: A Right-Fit Governance Solution for Your Enterprises

COBIT 2019 guides the IT practitioners and business leaders regarding the management of information and data, and its governance. This updated version of the COBIT 5 framework offers a more practical and comprehensive framework for the management and governance of IT systems. In this article at Compliance Week, Tammy Whitehouse provides detailed information about how COBIT 2019 holds IT responsible for fostering the definition of and responsibilities for the ownership or information/data and information system.

Refresh Your IT Governance Frameworks with These Documents

Effective governance over information and technology is undoubtedly critical to business success. ISACA’s COBIT 2019 has four documents that contain an introduction, core governance and management objectives, design guide, and implementation guide. These documents explain the key concepts of the new framework, the design factors that will influence governance, and a roadmap for transition from COBIT 5 to COBIT 2019.

According to COBIT 2019, data governance requires accurate information, compliance and security, clear enterprise architecture, and clear information ownership.

Protect the Data Systematically

A data security issue at any point in the IT system can expose all data. Enterprises must establish and maintain a standard set of security governance rules for the exchange of data with partners, employees, and contractors using data outside of the enterprise firewall. Enterprises must manage the life cycle of data and ensure the retention of all compliance-related data. “ISACA describes COBIT as ‘an umbrella framework,’ aligning itself to a number of other relevant standards, frameworks, and regulations,” explains Tammy.

Good governance takes time and effort. In fact, it is a vital element to business transformation success and strategy formulation. As with the most improvement methodologies, start taking just one step a day. COBIT 2019 will certainly help you chart that path to success for your enterprise. To learn more about how COBIT 19 helps in IT governance, click on

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