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How Companies Can Combat IT Service Desk Burnout

IT service desk stress is a growing issue for companies across the globe. 54% of IT and BPO employees are fighting depression, insomnia, and anxiety regularly. Research published in the Journal of Pharmacy & Bioallied Sciences reveals this alarming figure. In this article at, Simon Johnson suggests how companies can combat IT service desk burnout.

Fighting Off IT Service Desk Burnout

Several mental health reports convey that 67% of IT professionals face health problems due to work burnout. Companies should encourage them to be more open about their stress levels. This way professionals can deal with the current stress as well as prevent it from accumulating to a chronic stress. Also, managers should monitor the workload every IT service desk employee is bearing.

Acknowledging and Addressing: IT service desk burnout is real, and you should build a supportive work culture. Encourage employees to get up from their seats and refresh themselves with some light exercises. Make them understand that a few minutes of break will not affect team performance as tasks are shared evenly.

Formalize the Effort: While addressing IT service desk burnout immediately can bring relief to IT service desk agents, companies should have a long-term plan. 74% of professionals felt they have reached the breaking point, as per a recent Mental Health Foundation report. People do not want to discuss their mental health openly. However, talking about stress is the first step towards admitting that IT service desk burnout exists. Companies can assist employees by directing them to medical services or provide support internally. They can also reduce stress by acknowledging their hard work through rewards. With enough breaks and workplace support, your employees will slowly begin to come out of depression and be more productive.

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