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3 Tips to Hire a Top-Notch IT Service Desk Manager

IT service desk managers have become a pivotal part of IT. One bad customer experience can get any number of retweets or shares on social media and can send your company’s well-crafted image down the tubes. To ensure you have the best service possible, Sarah K. White gives some tips at on how to find new employees that will deliver exceptional service:

  1. Consider the job description.
  2. Focus on what matters.
  3. Dig in during the interview.

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When creating the job description for the position, it’s essential to know what kind of worker you want and what kind of skills they should have. Naturally, considering it is a customer-facing position, the candidate should have strong interpersonal communication skills. But aside from that, it truly matters on what kind of expectations you have for their role. An example would be whether they would need to fill a variety of roles or require a more specialized skill set.

That said, it’s important to excise buzzwords and fluff to get to what really matters. See how an applicant has adapted to changing technologies and trends to know how they’ll function in the position. Having an employee that is willing to take the initiative to include pertinent information, such as the success of prior projects, can help determine how successful they can be moving forward. In addition, their ability to learn quickly and acquire new skills should be taken into account over hard skills.

It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t ease up during the interview. The position is typically a thankless and stressful role, so you should test applicants on how they respond to such stressors. White cites CEO of SysAid Technologies Sarah Lahav’s approach to testing applicants:

“At SysAid, we ask questions that are most common with our day-to-day work to try to understand how the prospect would handle certain situations — we’re not always looking for the right answer, but to see how they would deal with stressful, difficult or intimidating situations and to explain their help process,” says Lahav.

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