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How to Recruit IT Talent without Having Top-Dollar Perks

Hiring new talent is one of the biggest problems facing IT today. The Google and Amazon tech giants seem to be able to scoop up all the best workers through great salaries, name recognition, and plenty of perks to go around. But in spite of all this, you can get and retain employees through some simple practices that can make all the difference. In an article for the Enterprisers Project, Minda Zetlin explains how to get the talent, but without the big-name perks.

Simple Tips to Tap into Talent

A good way to make an employee feel valued is through showing them the value of their work, or the value of the work they would be doing if they were hired. Being able to see how their work is impacting the rest of the company helps show they aren’t getting lost in the shuffle of everyone else’s work (which could very well happen at a place like Facebook). Along those same lines, another important tip is to not assign a task until you know what you want from it. Constantly changing what’s assigned keeps an employee’s work from going live, therefore keeping them from being able to see the fruits of their labor.

Just having people see their work isn’t enough to win them over though. They should be given as much autonomy and authority on their work as possible. This sort of approach can inspire a lot of creativity and attract more people that the company may be looking for. (Remember—great talent knows other great talent.) And while it may seem like you’ll only need people with a finger on the pulse of cutting-edge technology, it’s important to incorporate space for your legacy experts too. Everyone needs to be treated like they’re important to the company’s function, and legacy experts certainly are that.

Zetlin wraps up by saying how important retention is to a company:

People stay, [Jay Leader, CIO of Rocket Software] says, because the company delivers on its promise to give them autonomy and let them see the impact of what they do. “If you do nothing else but create an environment where people want to come and stay, that’s a force multiplier. My best recruiting source are the people who work here. Just this month we had three hires from internal referrals. The highest compliment an employee can pay us is to recommend us to a friend.”

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