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Why Agile and ITSM Must Work Closely for IT-Business Alignment

In ITSM, your services must provide value and expected results. 97% of companies have adopted agile, as per VersionOne’s 12th Annual State of Agile Report. It is now time for IT service professionals to try their luck in it. In this article, Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord explains why agile and ITSM must work closely to improve IT-business alignment.

Making ITSM Agile: The Inevitability

Louisnord explains the inevitability of the conjunction between IT service management and agile with a simple Thanksgiving dinner. A vegetarian granny will never touch a turkey, even if it is a Thanksgiving dinner. Your effort behind the turkey adds no value to the invited guest. To avoid such disasters, learn about the guest list and their eating habits to make your dinner a success.

Similarly, you must also look at the IT outcomes from a business perspective. The IT service management community must work closely with the customers during the design phase. Ensure that the end users are the rightful representatives of your customers and the processes you adopt are agile. While ITSM processes can be rigid, agile can provide the much-needed flexibility to adapt to new business demands.

The Agile Benefits:

Along with the software development enterprises, service management agencies also are leaning on agile. The above-mentioned report further states that 71% of companies think that agile cushions change management blows. With an agile mindset, 65% of the respondents think it improves business. The rest 62% believe that the approach has increased their speed of service. When the ITSM practitioners adopt agile, they will produce working models throughout the project life cycle. This will allow them to get better end-user feedback. In the end, they would be able to provide customer-centric solutions faster and more successfully.

The Initial Efforts:

Identify IT service management processes that best suit the agile methodology to experience initial success. You can also start with solving the issues that need immediate attention. 74% of companies have reported that more than half of their agile initiatives were successful. You might not be able to apply agile in all of your ITSM approaches. However, investing in the right processes will deliver the expected results within schedule and budget.

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