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4 Ps to Reconsider in ITSM Service Design

With the advent of technology development, the fast-changing service management helps IT service management (ITSM) firms run swiftly. All technology developments are aimed at reducing human effort to do more intellectual tasks.

In this article at TechBeacon, Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord explains that the way IT professionals remain focused on people-oriented tasks over their KPIs, a similar approach could be applied to ITSM service design.

The 4 Ps Approach

To fit customers need and to outshine your service design, consider the factors affecting or impacting your overall service delivery for better customer experience. To do so, consider these four Ps of service design:

  1. People: Consider people who are responsible for providing the best IT services to the end users. However, the end users are people too. So, justify both while designing service delivery process.
  2. Products: These are the services and technologies used for delivering what you are expected to deliver. Best products result in the best customer experience.
  3. Processes: It is the procedure of supporting and managing services to meet customer expectations in the most simple way. This will help both the internal service team and the end users.
  4. Partners: As you design services for your users, never miss on considering your vendors, manufacturers, and even suppliers. They are vital partners who constantly support your services.

The author believes that since a good service design revolves around these four Ps, it essential to map out the customer journey. Also, determine what processes and products you need to adopt and train your department for delivering the best customer experience. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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