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Are You Feeding and Caring for Your CSI Register?

Continual service improvement (CSI) is a loyal beast. All it really asks is that it be given proper attention, and everything else is groovy. In a post at his blog, Joe the IT Guy discusses how a little “feeding and caring” can keep your CSI efforts going strong.

Friend and Master

Sometimes, building the CSI register can feel like a project by itself. But once the register is built, regular maintenance becomes the name of the game. That is where feeding and caring/cleaning come into the picture. Feeding means feeding the register with new improvement ideas, so that the register maintains a healthy and viable size. Joe elaborates with this:

In just about every organization, the staff will have ideas about how things could and should change for the better, as will the customers and other stakeholders. Unfortunately most of these ideas are never captured, and that is the key trick here – to expand your CSI procedures to cover capturing ideas on an ongoing basis. Detailing how to do that could be a blog in itself, but includes techniques like staff-suggestion, discussion groups, incident and problem reviews, and more. But the message remains: the CSI is a forever thing – keep feeding it to keep getting the benefits.

Caring and cleaning meanwhile addresses the ways that CSI register entries are categorized. The elements usually considered include cost, speed to implement, speed to deliver returns, scale of return, difficulty, and office political impact. All of these factors are subject to change over time, which means they must be periodically reconsidered. Perhaps an idea once deemed “nice to have” has now become critical. Perhaps management has changed such that there is no political backing behind a given register entry anymore. Perhaps technology has made a once implausible task now very doable. These are all realistic possibilities, possibilities for which you must account!

If you stay vigilant, CSI will always be a friend. You can view the original post here:

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