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3 Customer Service Trends IT Support Must Follow Closely

The scope of IT support and ITSM are changing because of the shifting needs of the consumers, technologies, and employee experience. The companies are using their employees to understand the end user satisfaction rate. In this article at Joe the IT Guy, Stephan Mann discusses the 3 customer service trends IT support must follow closely.

IT Support of the Future

Kate Leggett explained in “Top Customer Service Trends for 2018” that customer service is more than cost reduction or increased efficiency. It is about the continuous evolution of processes through technology adoption and improved adaptability. Following are the customer service trends covered by Leggett in the article. Mann opines that IT support will eventually start following these trends:

  1. Availability of Services: Since employees are habituated with getting support as B2C customers, they want the same services from the internal IT service. Happy Signals reports that the speed of delivery is directly linked to employee contentment. The alternate way to increase IT support service speed is to hire more resources, but it is costly. There is also a possibility of getting fewer returns if the speed has not increased as per the current workforce strength. So, the only way you can revamp IT support is by making the employees happy.
  2. Role of Automation and AI: Customer support uses automation and AI to do the repetitive, menial jobs. Leggett suggests that customer service executives should automate answers, talks, management, scheduling, and classification of use cases. IT support can utilize this trend to cater to the basic queries of the employees.
  3. Human Interactions: Though you can automate several support functions, you still need the human touch like the customer service desk. Automate the high-volume, menial jobs and keep the escalated tickets for the customer-centric processes. The human workforce will be judged based on customer feedback rather than efficiency. So, IT support must undergo massive changes in terms of strategies, hiring policies, training, and performance KPIs.

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