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How to Achieve Business Excellence

Companies must focus on inculcating new methodologies to manage and improve their business without compromising on the purpose for which these methods are being implemented, according to Stephen Parry. Let’s learn how business excellence can be achieved.

He suggests that one should ask these key questions before implementing these methodologies:

  1. What is the problem that we are trying to find a solution for?
  2. What are the most relevant methods for solving those problems?

Confusion between problem and solution

Methods that are usually enablers tend to take a life of their own and gradually become the purpose. The focus shifts completely on the tools rather than the objective itself, making the end result immaterial.

Stephen further compares a practitioner of a particular method like Lean, Agile, SAFe and more to a person learning to drive, but would never leave the car park. Linking the methods to specific problems is the key to the success of resolving that problem.

Focus on building, not scaffolding

He compares the usage of a method to resolve a problem, to scaffolding a building. Scaffolding and the building itself are different just like the method and the business operation itself.

Organizations should always keep the problem to the fore and then adopt practices that suit the culture and circumstance. Once clarity on the business problem is achieved, the most relevant method can be applied. He suggests that if the problem is across the entire business, Lean would be a better-suited option with Agile incorporated within rather than Agile only.

Perfection is the enemy

In this changing pace of technology that is always evolving, Stephen suggests that incremental improvements to methods need not be made. The shelf life of these improvements eventually diminishes. Ensuring that the organization is performing well enough to beat the competition is the key to the success of the organization.

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