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How Cloud Is the Business Platform for Digital Transformation

Cloud has a huge potential to change the way businesses look today. Apart from providing secure storage space, it can form the framework for innovative technologies. In this article at InformationWeek, Bob Weiler describes how cloud is becoming the business platform for innovative technologies.

Cloud, A Magnetic Business Platform

Weiler, Executive VP of Oracle Global Business Units, points out that U.S. homes are now filled with connected applications that can regulate room conditions, play songs for residents, or prepare shopping lists through voice controls. The use of augmented reality in the retail sector and in the upkeep of existing infrastructure will save costs and increase worker safety. Through cloud computing, it will be possible to deploy AI technologies in banking, healthcare, retail, and energy sectors.

  1. Easy Access to Data: With an access to corporate cloud and smart glasses, the workers would be able to trace the defective waterpipe with ease. They would use the building blueprints accessible through cloud in the AR database to map out circuits and pipelines not visible to the naked eyes.
  2. Voice Controls: People prefer to interact with software through voice. As of now, you can summon up a song with voice commands. Soon, you will be able to check on critical reports of your remote team though voice. Based on your command, the system will access the corporate database in the cloud and report the status back to you in a few minutes.
  3. Predictive and Preventive Benefits: AI can analyze data in the cloud and notify you about an impending danger in the construction site. You could diffuse the situation by alerting the emergency workers. They can access the cloud database through their smartglasses, helmets, or smartphones. On their way to the location, they would know the cause of the projected incident and pick up necessary equipment to quickly diffuse the situation. A McKinsey & Company report predicts manufacturing alone would save $630 billion in 2025. Moreover, workers can focus on new assignments rather than losing productive workhours in regular maintenance jobs.
  4. New Services: New equipment comes with sensors that send out operational data. You can offer subscription services to customers that would send out operational staff to address incidents at customer offices. In partnership with Tesla, Vermont’s Green Mountain Power is offering solar batteries to address power outage issues during winters. Apart from providing affordable and eco-friendly energy options, the company is amassing data on power usage patterns in different weathers. This would help to generate new ideas on the effective use of power later.

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