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What is So Exciting About Network Analytics?

IT leaders are excited about network analytics, especially startups. To ride the trend, network service providers are concentrating their efforts on operations software and framework. While doing a research two years ago, Shamus McGillicuddy found out that organizations were applying analytics to network management. Enterprises that were investing in these initiatives are driving towards automating network. In this article at Information Week, the author discusses why network analytics is becoming a winning factor for IT organizations.

3 Exciting Aspects of Network Analytics

McGillicuddy contacted 200 IT professionals to know their take on network analytics and the resultant automation. He then converted all the views into a report—“Network Analytics: Applying Machine Learning and More to Network Engineering and Operations.” As per the respondents, organizations utilized analytics to achieve network automation in three ways. They started with the analytics facility in their in-house framework, then the analytics available within the network software. When they were satisfied with the test cases, they negotiated contract terms with network suppliers.

Leading Towards IT Automation

34% of respondents believe that IT automation is the main driver of network analytics. 97% have conveyed that their analytics initiatives are either supporting automation today or are geared up for future use. Engineers have been automating repetitive tasks in command-line interface (CIL) of network devices for years. The process also helps in controlling change management. However, automation tools fail to understand the difference between the current state and the expected state of a network. In fact, they fail to provide solutions for complex or variation in task processes. Companies are hoping analytics will help solve this issue.

Networking That Has Target Audience

IT leaders are going to use analytics to prioritize networking based on the current and the aimed status. 56% of organizations are utilizing this technology not only to optimize their network but also to reach the best state. Analytics can also save you money. It can find out when cloud workload does not require network service licenses and retire them to the pool.

What Are the Benefits?

The author’s research revealed that due to network analytics, 79% of organizations overcame network challenges faster, 60% could meet the expected industry standards, and 46% went live with their new IT services sooner. The combined efforts of analytics and automation will reduce network downtime and risks due to non-compliance as well as optimize services.

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