5 Ways CIOs Can Push Teams beyond Their Comfort Zones

The sky is the limit in technology anymore, which means the only thing holding teams back is their own inhibitions. In an article for The Enterprisers Project, Sven Gerjets shares some simple ways for CIOs to push their team into the next innovation level.

Team Upgrade

Teams can now operate in an entirely different way, one in which they are not trapped by the linear. Gerjets challenges CIOs to push beyond this linear, incremental thinking, because if organizations remain in this mindset they will never reach their potential. There are five things a CIO can do to push his or her team beyond what they are typically comfortable with:

  1. Set the tone.
  2. Go on a field trip!
  3. Utilize design thinking.
  4. Do quarterly startup reviews.
  5. Pilot a process.

Gerjets shares that when he visits troubled IT organizations he often proclaims: “This is not normal.” This sets the tone for the organization early enough for them to begin to make impactful change.

Taking the team outside of their organization to see how another organization is operating can leave a huge impact. Sometimes, even visiting an organization in an entirely different industry can inspire radical, innovative ideas.

Design thinking allows for individuals to bypass their typical way of thinking and explore exciting new options. Gerjets explains how at DirecTV, when he went on ride-alongs with field service technicians, they quickly uncovered better ways of handling things because they were asking so many questions about pain points.

Looking at what different startup companies are doing can help elicit some exciting new ideas. Startups tend to look at the same things in a different way, or they approach things entirely differently. Either way it provides an interesting perspective.

Piloting a process allows for the company to run a simulation and see what works in a small area. If things go well they can utilize it throughout the business, and if things do not work out they have not caused major detriment.

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