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3 Reasons to Use ITSM for GDPR Processes

IT leaders are aware of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective from 25 May 2018. You must know by now that it means the organizations must execute certain additional processes and tasks. In this article at, Richard Josey shares 3 reasons to let you understand why you need ITSM tools to streamline GDPR processes.

How ITSM Can Help You with GDPR

GDPR requires you to have a better control over processes along with verifiable backups, and that is provided by ITSM. When it comes into effect, you should be able to manage incidents regarding service level agreements (SLAs), be ready to track variations in tasks, and who you have assigned these services and support responsibilities. All these activities can be categorized under enterprise service management as it has two parties—client, the data controller, and provider, the data processor.

Similarity in Processes

Data subjects or users can raise requests to access or delete their information. They also have the right to know how their personal information is being used by companies. You will have a response window within which you must oblige them. This activity is like ITSM procedures where an issue is raised, and you have a deadline to solve it. Though there are some restrictions as to the extent you can oblige user requests.

Handling User Data Breaches

When user data is hacked, you must inform Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) or its counterparts in other EU nations. You must address the issue within a stipulated period. This again is very similar to an SLA request process flow. When incidents happen, you must inform the Information Commissioner’s Office. Once done, be ready to inform the users or data subjects that are affected by the data breach.

Availability of Verifiable Data Could Levy Less Penalty

Once ICO gets the power, it is going to charge hefty amounts to defaulters. So, it is best that you have proofs about incident management. With ITSM tools, follow-ups, tracking, and managing these issues become easier. You can also show the task owner along with timestamp and issue resolution time. Once you show that you are already working towards a solution, the ICO might lessen your penalty.

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