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Organizational Strategic Alignment in Action

Today we have the perfect antidote for the misaligned project. In a Voices on Project Management post, Conrado Morlan shares his distilled version of an event where both public and private sector organizations shared their insights for aligning organization strategy with IT projects.

One Drop of Development Partnership

The city of Frisco, Texas proved that project execution is always more effective with the power of a partnership. The athletic-minded municipality has a proven track record of promoting a thriving sports market thanks to its willingness to seek out capabilities from external sources (Frisco is currently courting the Dallas Cowboys football team).

A Pinch of Distilled Business Acumen

In the event that you happen to be the CIO of a mid- to large-sized corporation, it pays to have a window into many leadership positions. In the case of 7-Eleven’s CIO, a business-eye-view became the key to unlocking strategic realignment of IT with the business to maximize stakeholder buy-in and to execute innovations.

Dilute with a Guiding Project Framework

Southwest Airlines attributes their success to a mastery of project portfolio management, program, and project management: credited for enhancing their long term competitive advantage. An example of these principles at work involves the need to inform employees about the organization’s strategic directives:

Organizations are finding their employees know what they need to do to perform well in their current jobs, but very few are clear about what is required over the long-term. Therefore, employees need to be familiar with the organization’s strategy to understand their role and responsibility and how their contributions will benefit the organization.

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