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Examining IT Services from Different Perspectives

IT service management is all about stability and reliability. Paradoxically, stability and reliability are actually moving targets, since business is always evolving. In a brief meditation at his blog, Professor P. Ross S. Wise considers this conflict and how service management should be viewed from different perspectives.

Curved Trajectories

He actually identifies four different “imbalances” that can affect how IT delivers services. These include internal IT view versus external business view, stability versus responsiveness, service quality versus cost, and reactive versus proactive. Wise decides to specifically address the idea of internal IT versus external business view though.

The external view is how users and stakeholders experience IT service. Their concern regarding services is strictly whether they are available when needed and work as they should. How any of the underlying mechanics work is irrelevant. Internally however, IT is managing diverse systems and sometimes fighting with itself in order to decide where to allocate resources to improve specific systems. Some harmony must be struck between the values of these two perspectives:

Services must be [designed] and delivered around customer’s [sic] needs and requirements.  They must have the ability to create the desired business outcomes for the users and deliver necessary value to the customer.   At the same time it is possible to compromise those needs and requirements by not planning and properly executing on how those services will be delivered.

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