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What Going Digital Means to IT and the Bottom Line

No matter which industry or which sector you work in, your company is a technology company. In an article for CIO Insight, Pat Burke interviews Bill Briggs, CTO at Deloitte Consulting, to uncover what “going digital” really means. He then explains its impact.

The Digital Shift, Part 57

Business leaders and technology leaders are typically on the same page when it comes to an organization’s digital transformation. Briggs says that the larger challenge is attempting to translate what “digital transformation” means in terms of what is viable for the customer. Business leaders and technology leaders need to come to an agreement as to what digital transformation means to the bottom line.

For many organizations, technical debt is a major obstacle to overcome. However, the most critical aspect of reimagining the core is shifting the focus towards what will allow for the greatest extraction of value from legacy core assets. This is unique to every company, and for some that may mean replatforming, while others may require replacement of outdated components.

Both the mature and the startup organizations have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to going digital. According to Briggs: “Incumbents have complexity, but also scale. Startups have simplicity in scope which makes it possible for them to be nimble and responsive, but it can also limit their impact.” Companies that have been around for years can best make this digital transition when they shift their focus towards creating specific experiences for the customer. Additionally, understanding that a critical piece of the digital transformation is delivering new technology across the organization will help to make the transition more smooth.

Most organizations struggle to some extent to merge existing technology with new technology. What they need to remember is that maintaining core operations is exceedingly important. If every company is now a technology company, the successful companies will be the ones that rise to the occasion.

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